Amine Intolerance, Tyramines, and Histamines

So for the last year, I have been working off a list that I got from my nutritionist of low/medium/high-amine foods. I also supplemented this with two books that I had purchased on the topic.

That said, I have delved into yet another book, which has given me even more information. This is awesome, but also sad. It means a few things:

1) Some of my amine recipes inaccurately list low/high amines. The amines missed are primarily Tyramines.

2) I will have to go back and rework many of my recipes to make them user-friendly again.

3) I will have to pull some recipes down, if unable to find substitutions.

4) The low-amine grocery shopping list has been updated to reflect new findings – I’m afraid some of my favorite ingredients are now off-limits (super, super sadsauce).

What I would like to know is how many of you suffer from a Tyramine allergy, Histamine allergy, or both. I do not yet know what direction I am going to take my blog to support these new amine findings. I could keep the old recipes up but list all Tyramine and Histamine levels, or just pull the old ones down that are no longer applicable to a general amine allergy.

What would you like to see happen? I would love your input, as this blog is as much a tool for myself as it is for you,  my readers.

Best to You,

Michelle Ferris

Low Amine Recipes Chef

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  1. Amines are very tricky, everyone has different tolerance levels for different amines. Determining the level of tolerance is a bit of trial and error, very personal journey. Thanks to your recipes, I was able to try feta cheese (previously I thought that would be high tyramine food) and also okra and had no visible reactions to both. If you can eat the food you have been cooking with no reactions, you should leave them on the website, but maybe add little notes on tyramine or histamine levels if you have extra info. Just a note, I have been able to add soy sauce into my diet with no reactions (a lot less than normal amounts in stirfrys but still gives enough yummy soy sauce taste).

    • Firstly – thank you very much for your input. Getting feedback is very helpful to me for this.

      Aye, perhaps marking things in is the way to go. I was thinking I would go through my low amine spreadsheet (and past recipes… oy…) and mark things with a “T” (Tyramine), and/or “H” (Histamine), or if I can’t find anything conclusive, just an “A.” I think that would be helpful to people, and it would allow me to keep my old recipes up, too.

      I have not had problems thus far with feta, yogurt, lime, curry, or others that are high in Tyramines, so I will be interested to see how my own allergies break down once I add the Tyramine/Histamine labels.

      Thank you for your feedback, and I’m glad to hear you’ve been able to add small amounts of soy sauce! I would, but I just use my soy sauce substitute. It works just about as well (thank goodness).

    • I’ve been researching like crazy. Not done yet… But there are conflicting results. I will be updating this post again soon….

  2. Hi Michelle
    Fantastic blog. I have only just discovered. I’m from Australia and it seems the lists we see must be different to you use. Here is a link of what we are told in Australia/New Zealand. I noticed that quite a few ingredients in your moderate list are in our very high.
    I have been avoiding taking my amine intolerance seriously (to my peril) but am getting serious and I look forward to trying out many of your fabulous recpies.

    • Interesting. I’ve been doing research into the lists available in a few books, and am having a really hard time figuring out what’s high and low. All the lists seem to disagree with each other, even though I think they’re all from docs at RPAH. So confused. Once I get all my information together I will be adjusting my list (and recipes) again to show updates and changes.

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