What a Day

Well friends,

Today I was laid off. This puts a little damper in me trying new recipes, as it takes a giant chunk out of my monthly food budget (which is about 50% of my costs, as is). I am sorry if my pace slows for a little while, while I search out a new job.

I appreciate every single one of you, and if you hear of something in the Seattle area that fits my skills (cooking, writing, marketing, SEO, social media, sales, etc…), I could use a leg-up. But until then, please know that my silence is not one of neglect, but of a temporary financial hardship. I will be back, stronger than ever, sooner than you know it. You just wait and see.

Love you all. Happy eating, happy living.



Michelle Ferris

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  1. Oh, Michelle, I’m so sad to hear that you received this job news. It must have been a shock, and I admire your positive attitude about coming back better and stronger….and soon.

    Please know that you and your blog are an inspiration to me. Your enthusiasm and efforts for finding ways to eat well within the restrictions of low-amine (and often low-salicylate, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, etc.) have helped me…someone living across the country who might never have benefited if you hadn’t have taken the time to blog. So, THANK YOU for your efforts, good luck with the job search…and come back soon!!

    • I realize that my emotions are a bit high-strung today, but you totally made me cry. Thank you so much. It’s a lot of work keeping this up, and hearing that it makes a difference in people’s lives really makes it worthwhile for me to continue. Thank you for finding me, befriending me, and keeping up with this blog. It it truly appreciated. If there is anything I can do to help, please just let me know. <3


  2. Fingers crossed that you’ll find something super, soon! Good luck to you, Michelle ♥

    • Thank you! I know I will find something, and hopefully something that will inspire me further and make me an even better person than I am today. Love you!

      – Mish

  3. Just want you to know I really appreciate this site and your recipes. My son cannot eat amines or salicylate’s, so this is a massive help to us. Thank you

    • Thank you for saying so, Elaine. Your words mean a lot to me – it’s comments like this that keep me going and working on my blog. <3

      – Michelle

  4. I know this is SOO late. I know you’re going to be awesome and amazing and will find something SO much better. And in all honesty, I hope it’s this blog which has (as I’ve seen) helped so many people already. :)

    If you ever want to do some more cross promotion, need connections, etc.. let me know because I love working with you.

    And of course, I’m glad to see you’re still posting recipes. xo

    • Thank you! I most definitely do! I need to get my blog hosted and would love to do some serious building on it. I’d love any suggestions or assistance or networking you can help me with to make my Low Amine Blog a success. I’d love to see all of us stake our claim to fame with something that is so helpful to others. <3

      • Totally! Like I said before, I set up my site on my own so I’d be more than happy to help you.

        Shoot me an inbox message (I’m sure you still have my email but if not – lauren@laurendavidstyle.com). And I’ll pull up a list of companies I work with and you can let me know if any of them are amine free! :)

        Happy Friday!

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