My Story 2: Diagnosis, Amines

Diagnosis: Amines

Heidi Turner is a nutritionist, and one that probably saved my life. With my problems growing exponentially worse over the last few years, it was not so hard to imagine that without her guidance and care, I would have been in a wheelchair soon. After our initial consultation, Heidi ran me through a highly specialized Amine Elimination Diet that was designed to help me prove what she already suspected. I had a problem with amines. A very, very big problem with amines.

After about four months of testing, we had solidly confirmed what foods were problematic (whether intolerant, allergic, or part of the amine food group that was breaking my joints). After ten years of doctors, pains, prescriptions, appointments…

Four months. Four months invested. The rest of my life gained. I cannot say enough kind words about Erin O’Rourke, Dr. Peterson, and Heidi Turner. They have absolutely pivoted my life on its head. I am ever grateful.

It hasn’t been easy since I learned what an amine was, and why amines were bad for me. I’m still not 100% sure why. I just know that amines break me.

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  1. what kind of test do i need to ask for to determine amine problem

    • When I was diagnosed, the doctor first did a blood draw to see if what my IgE results were. When he found that my allergies were off the charts, he sent me to a nutritionist. We did a 3+ month elimination diet that was directed specifically at amines.

  2. Hi my son has done the elimination diet and it appears anything which is high in amines reacts severly. I was wondering if anyone has the same reactions he has. He has alot of severe facial swellings and weals on his body.

    • Oh dear. I’m sorry to hear that! I’ve heard of that being a fairly common reaction. Is it only amines he reacts to? Have you looked at Pyroluria yet, or have you tried supplementing zic & B6? It helped me immensely, and I’m only taking 100% DV, since I haven’t been tested to get the official levels I need to take yet.

      Please use my recipes carefully, as I do add moderate or high amine ingredients sometimes. I usually try to break down the amine content of ingredient at the bottom of the recipe.

      • Hi, my son has had his Blood tests and all levels are okay. So the Zinc and Vitamin B are not going to assist him. Thanks for the advice.

  3. Thanks for the reply, my son has just had his Vitamin B, and Zinc levels checked and waiting results. This will soon tell him of his levels, hopefully the Doctor will then prescribe what levels to take and with abit of luck it might help. He has an awful lot of trouble with high histamine levels due to foods. He is only 22 and this has come upon him in the last 2 years.

    Most grateful

    • Sad that it won’t help him. I wish I knew of something more I could do (well, minus the work I do on this blog, I suppose). I hate to see people suffering with food allergies like these. I wish you and your son the best in your quest for answers!

  4. Hi there do you know if coconut flour is amine free? and my son seems to react to any amines… do you have total amine free recipes or only low amines? My son has ADHD and ODD and after the elim diet worked out this is his evil.. he can eat a mango and an hour later want to kill me with a knife! its pretty bad and he is such a beautiful very intelligent boy.. I love him when he is off amines but sometimes we give him a low amount to see if he is ready to deal with his emotions surrounding this as he will learn one day to do this but he obviously isnt ready. Its sad that he has to miss out on so much but he is so great with it and reads all the labels and knows what chemical is in what food and is kinda proud that he knows this.. so im very proud that he is like this and only 6yrs old! Thanks for putting the effort in and doing this site for us :)

    • I’m sure coconut flour isn’t, since coconuts themselves are high in amines. I avoid all coconut products, sadly.

      You might want to look into the connection between amines and Pyroluria (, as Pyroluria often causes ADD, ADHD, and OCD. Zinc & B6 supplements help it.

      There are no foods that have zero amines. At the bottom of each recipe, I put an “amine breakdown” that lists the ingredients. Use it as a guideline (or the amine grocery list) for whether you want to add the ingredients or not. Some recipes are lower than others, and some ingredients can be omitted as well.

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I hope this resource helps you and your son! If you have other questions, please feel free to get in touch. You might also subscribe to my blog and low-amine facebook page to keep in touch and get to know more amine-allergy sufferers. No one knows how to deal with an amine allergy like other people with one!

      • Rather, coconut flour is high in amines. Just to clarify.

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