Garlic Seaweed Snack

Seaweed has been listed in many resources as high amine, but in others I found it low amine. I’m not sure where it stands insofar as amines. However, I know they do not make me feel unwell, so I continue eating it. Whether you do or not is a judgment call.

Garlic seaweed snack

1 package laver (seaweed), usually costing a dollar or two at an Asian grocery store

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp salt

1 tsp black pepper

1 Tbsp safflower oil

2-4 ziplocks

laver seaweed

Laver seaweed

  • Mix garlic powder, salt & pepper together in a ramekin or small bowl (you can also add other low amine spices as you wish. I like using cayenne, powdered ginger, or curry sometimes.
  • In a large bowl, pull apart seaweed into smallish pieces so that they are bite sized or a “pinchable” size.
  • Pour oil into the palm of your hand and gently coat seaweed evenly by rubbing gently.
  • Sprinkle part of seasoning mix and toss seaweed. Repeat until seasoning mix is evenly coated on seaweed.
  • Fill ziplocks with even amounts of low amine garlic seaweed snack and press out as much air as possible (for freshness). Seal.
  • These should remain good for a couple weeks – not that they’ll survive that long. My first batch ended up in my mouth before any even made it into the bag. You might want to take that into consideration when buying your seaweed.
  • Enjoy this healthy garlic seaweed treat!
Very Low Amine: garlic powder, salt, pepper,
Low Amine: safflower oil
High Amine: seaweed?

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