Low Amine Mojito

Summer drinks aren’t the same without fun choices like ber, cider, tequila, rum, scotch (my favorite), and whiskey. As someone allergic to amines, I am left gin (which I’m *actually* allergic to, so can’t have) and vodka. Needless to say, I now drink a lot of vodka. I’m working on tweaking some summer classic drinks and making them into delicious low amine alcoholic beverages. Round 1: Mojitos. Drink!

2 oz vodka

10-12 mint leaves

1 Tbsp brown sugar

Juice of 1/2 lime

5 oz club soda

1 C crushed ice if you have it, cubes if you don’t.

Cocktail Shaker

Cocktail Shaker

  • In the bottom of a cocktail shaker, grind mint leaves together with the brown sugar.
  • If using crushed ice: Add crushed ice, vodka, lime. Muddle.
  • If using cubed ice: Add vodka, lime. Muddle. Add ice, put lid on and shake.
  • Add club soda and pour through cocktail shaker’s strainer (or use a spring-bar strainer) into a tall glass.
  • Garnish with a mint leaf and wedge of lime.
Very Low Amine: club soda, mint
Low Amine: vodka, brown sugar
Very High Amine:  lime

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  1. I find it so comforting that I’m not the only girl out there over the age of 20 who doesn’t know any of this!
    Time to learn *about all of it*.

    • I’d be really surprised if many people knew about this. I think more and more people will learn about it as diagnoses come in… But here’s to hoping we find a solution quickly, too!

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