“I Hate Cooking:” Easy Meal Suggestions

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Cooking isn't everyone's cup of tea...

I had a reader recently contact me and say, “I love your recipes, but a very simple meal plan is needed, as I don’t really enjoy cooking.”

The thought of not loving to cook is foreign to me (even back when I was a bad cook, I still loved cooking), however, I can sympathize. So for you, low amine readers that hate cooking, this list of suggestions is for you. If you have a suggestion to add, please email me or comment – I’d love to add it to the list! Here’s a few ideas to get you started, though I’m sure I’ll add more as time goes on…

Easy Low Amine Breakfast Suggestions:

  • Steel cut oatmeal, made in advance (here’s a great way to make it in advance for the week)
  • Organic egg whites in a carton, with herbs thrown in. Shake, pour what you need in a bowl, and microwave for two minutes.
  •  Toast with low amine pesto or low amine hummus spread.
  • Potato frittata. You could make something like it and eat it all week (even easier, just use a Cuisinart to scallop your potatoes. Also, I wouldn’t peel them. I’m much too lazy for that)!
  • Frittata with more than just potatoes (if you’re feeling ambitious).
  • Yogurt & blueberries.
  • Baked apple. Core apple, leaving bottom to create a “cup.” Fill with a bit of cinnamon and honey, 1 tsp. Bake at 375 for 30 minutes.
Easy Low Amine Lunch / Easy Low Amine Dinner Suggestions (I eat the two meals interchangeably or for leftovers, so they’re bundled together for this list):
  • Pasta, made in advance (cook to al dente), with low amine pesto or either no-tomato low amine marinara (made with a beet marinara base, or made with an apple marinara base). Microwave together for an easy low amine meal.
  • Sandwiches! Always a win. Except lunchmeat is a no-no on a low amine diet. I suggest doing up a big hunk of roast beef or chicken breast in advance, slicing it up, freezing it, and using it through the week with onion, lettuce, sprouts, cucumber, mustard, thin green apple slices… The possibilities go on and on.
  • Simple salads with crushed cashews and egg added for protein.
  • Steak! You can do pan-fried steak, broiled steak, or grilled steak. Personally, I prefer broiled or grilled. When grilling, the best way I’ve found is to cook on one side and wait till the blood rises to the surface (you’ll see it start to pool). Flip, and cook for two minutes. Voila!
  • Baked skinless chicken and rice (use a rice cooker for ease, and you can throw in things to flavor the rice, like vegetable broth, beef broth, saffron, herbs, lime juice/ascorbic acid, cilantro, etc).
  • Brussels sprouts. Cut them in half and sprinkle with oil, salt, pepper, and ascorbic acid. Broil until softened and starting to char.
  • Baked potato, substituting sour cream with yogurt.
  • Stir fry.
  • Easy creamed soups. Saute whatever vegetables you have laying around with garlic and onion. Add water enough to cover it and 1″ above, and simmer for an hour or two. Feel free to also add leftovers such as potato, ground beef, noodles. Use an immersion blender when finished and cooled, and you’ll have a great low amine vegetable soup. Add cream if you want. Not necessary.
  • Beans and rice.
  • Quesedilla with cream cheese or mozzarella cheese.
  • Tacos (make enough so you have taco supplies for a few days), using meat, cucumber, lettuce, mango, cabbage, onion, and lime as your filling ingredients.
  • Salads. Or even easier, salad in a jar! Make several at once, and so long as you layer them properly, they’ll keep all week!
  • Very simple lentil soup.
  • Quick chicken corn chowder.
  • Pretty boring, but… you could always just saute chicken breasts.
  • Baked potato eggs (minus the turkey sausage, and substitute cheese with Mozzarella) sound like a tasty breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • Asparagus frittata, substituting the cheese with Mozzarella and feta.
  • Butternut Squash.
  • Green Beans in herbs, served without the lemon.
  • Grilled corn on the cob.
  • Crock pot, crock pot, crock pot. Pretty much all crock pot recipes are easy as pie (Much easier, actually – I think the adage could use an update: “Easy as Crock Potting.”). Get yourself a good crock pot cookbook (or look online, and start “setting and forgetting” your meals. Note: if you are extremely sensitive to amines, crock pot cooking is not for you, as it takes a long time to cook the foods, and amines do develop in this time.
Other Easy Low Amine Suggestions:
  • To use low amine seasonings, I would create all your spice blends at once time (less mess, less opening bottles, etc). Create six or seven different low amine herb/spice mixes and bottle them up in old spice containers for later use.
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