Cranberry Ginger Vodka Infusion

Cranberry Ginger Vodka Infusion photo

Cranberry Ginger Vodka Infusion

I’ve wanted to do infusions for a while, and this winter, I did. I tried the infusion with regular cranberry, cranberry with drops of vanilla extract, and cranberry ginger. By far, my favorite was the cranberry ginger vodka infusion, so I’m sharing it with you today! Enjoy!

1 C fresh cranberries

1/4 C peeled ginger slices

2 T Water

1/4 C sugar (do not use castor/powdered sugar)

3 C decent vodka (Sky or better)

  • In a medium pan over low to medium-low heat, warm up the cranberries, sugar, and water.
  • Stir until the sugar dissolves and the liquid turns to a light pink color. You don’t want the cranberries popping. Some will crack open, but do not explode your cranberries or it won’t make for a very pretty vodka cranberry infusion.
  • Pour the cranberry mixture into a large glass jar (or divvy up between smaller glass jars). I tripled the recipe and used two large bottles of vodka with 11 smaller mason jars (about 2 C each) and it was exactly the right amount.
  • Add slices of fresh ginger.
  • Top with vodka, seal well, and shake.
  • Let the mixture sit for about 3 weeks so that the flavor really comes out.
  • Add labels and ribbon to the jars.
  • Strain before serving.
Very Low Amine: cranberry, ginger
Low Amine: sugar, vodka

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