Straying from a low amine diet

Sometimes I forget how bad my reactions can be. I eat so well on my low amine diet with all the amines in food kept to a minimum because I choose wisely.

I forgot tonight that it does get bad, and fast, when I stray. I tried out a new BBQ place. I’ve been craving good brisket for a while. Yes, there’s tomatoes, probably some vinegar, too. Both are high in amines. But I’ve been good… How bad could it get?

Well, its just over an hour later and my wrists, elbows, spine, and knees are locked out, swelling, cracking, and sending shooting pains down my nerves every time I move. *sigh* I guess I answered my question. I just hope I will be mobile tomorrow.

So the lesson and recipe tonight is simple:
1) Never underestimate your amine allergy.
2) Don’t stray from a low-amine diet unless you are prepared to handle the consequences.
3) Drink a lot of water and pray for sleep, and for a decent recovery by morning.

Goodnight all, thanks for listening.

Your usually well-behaved low-amine chef,
Michelle Ferris

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  1. Ouch! I hope you’re feeling better today!
    And I would finally like to thank you for your blog. Have been following you for a while now but never replied.
    I haven’t tried your recipes yet but they look great!

    • Thank you! I do feel better today… I’m definitely not 100%, but at least I’m not getting crazy shooting pains everywhere, and I can walk. Last night was so bad that I was just laying in bed, crying. Unbelievable. I’m going to be drinking a TON of water today in the hopes that maybe I can flush it out.

      Glad you like the recipes – here’s to hoping you get to try some soon! I’d love your feedback on them. 🙂

  2. I totally feel for you! I did the SAME thing this week… I ran out of allergy free chocolate chips and thought, oh well, I’ll just use regular ones it’ll be okay they have soy lechitin in them.. I’ll be fine.

    WRONG! I haven’t been this sick in a LONGG time. Luckily, it goes away after about a week but what was I thinking?! haha

    • I don’t know what drives us to such masterful moments of self-deception. Sad that you did it to yourself, too! I hope you’re feeling better! I can’t wait for it to get flushed out of me. This was an incredibly crappy reaction. Possibly the worst I’ve ever had!

  3. Hope you feel better soon!

    • Thank you! I feel a lot better today. Certainly not in any shape to go to the gym today, but doing much better nonetheless. 🙂

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