Lime Basil Chicken with Jalapeno Mint Jelly

Jalapeno mint jelly is simple, easy, and delicious, and is a nice accompaniment to tart or bitter flavors. The sweet and spicy of the mild jelly create a nice balance.

1 stick “agar agar” (or you can use pectin – see other pectin jelly recipes for amounts)

5 C water

6 Tbsp sugar

2 jalapenos

2 C mint, packed

  • Wash mint and jalapenos.
  • Cut and seed jalapenos (or if you like spice, leave seeds in). Chop into small pieces.
  • Boil water and add mint and jalapenos. Reduce temperature to medium high.


Jalapenos and Mint cooking

  • Cook until liquid has reduced by half.
  • Strain out solids and add liquid back to pot.


Agar agar dissolving in jalapeno mint liquid

  • Add agar stick and cook for 15 minutes. It should be completely dissolved.


Agar Agar

  • Add sugar and stir until completely dissolved.
  • Remove from heat and pour into desired glass container.
  • For faster cooling, put in fridge, or surround in a larger bowl with and ice and water bath.
  • Scoop out and slice while plated when served with dishes, such as Lime Basil Chicken.


Very Low Amine: agar, mint

Low Amine: sugar

Very High Amine: jalapeno