Low Amine Pesto

Low amine pesto - no Parmesan, no pine nuts, no nutritional yeast

Low amine pesto. It’s still delicious, even with no Parmesan, no pine nuts, and no nutritional yeast.

Pesto is a hard thing to love when you are on a restricted diet due to amine allergies. Parmesan? High in amines. Pine nuts? High in amines. What about a Parmesan substitute, like nutritional yeast? Nope. High in amines. So what’s a person to do? Fake it! This low amine pesto recipe will satisfy that pesto craving without feeling like you’re missing the main act. Enjoy low amine pesto as a dip, a sauce, a spread, on pasta (or even a pasta substitute, like spaghetti squash), or any other way you’d use regular pesto. Enjoy!

Recipe makes 1C low amine pesto.

2 C fresh basil leaves, fairly packed

1/4 C feta, packed

1/4 C raw cashews

1 large cloves garlic

1/2 tsp ascorbic acid

1/4 C safflower oil

1 Tbsp minced green Thai chilies (seeds included)

Pinch of salt

Large pinch of pepper

  • In a large food processor, grind cashews till they are a fine meal and the cashew butter has started to collect in the corners of the food processor.

Ground cashews for low amine pesto

Ground cashews for low amine pesto

  • Using a butter knife or stiff spatula, scrape cashew nut butter out of the corners of the food processor.
  • Add all ingredients and puree until very smooth.


Low Amine: basil, feta, garlic, ascorbic acid, safflower oil, salt, pepper

Moderate Amine: cashew

Very High Amine: green Thai chilies

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