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My Story 3: Life After Amines & Amine-Free Eating

Life Now means a Low-Amine Diet

As a self-declared foodie, I have always loved to cook. All kinds and varieties of foods, spices, flavors. As it turns out, a LOT of foods have amines in them. It’s such a wide group of foods that I ended up having to set up an Excel spreadsheet to show me what I could eat. I still have a printout. I take it with me to the store as my low amine grocery shopping list

My first few months on the low-amine diet about killed me. No amount of Google searching pulled up useful recipes. I was so depressed that I ended up seeing a psychologist for a while to help me through it. Take away a foodie’s favorite thing – food – and you end up with one seriously depressed foodie.

I decided that, as part of my own therapy and as documentation for recipes that work well, I needed to start cooking and writing down what I make with low-amine foods. With the great lack of low amine recipes available, I knew this was where I could help people. So I have started documenting all the low-amine recipes for my favorite foods. Some are higher in amines than others – eating a low amine diet isn’t a foolproof thing. But know your body (and if you haven’t figured out how sensitive to amines you are, talk to Heidi Turner), and know your thresholds.

I hope my experiences will help you through your amine sensitivity, whether you’re on a low amine diet because you’re allergic (like me), or on MAO-Inhibitors (MAOI). Food can be fun and delicious without amines. It’s taken me a year to learn that, but I live by it now, and run by it, and walk by it… and all the things I couldn’t do when I was eating amines.

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