Salicylate Sensitivity

I recently had a reader, Sofia, contact me who had an amine allergy, salicylate allergy, celiac disease, soy allergy, dairy allergy, and egg allergy. My mind was blown. To try to help her come up with foods she could eat, I did my best to guide her with amines, and point her in the right direction for her other allergies.

In my hunt, I realized that the list (at a cursory glance – there is a high probability that there are other less popular foods that aren’t listed that I couldn’t find information on) of foods is very short.

The site with the Salicylate Sensitivity Food Lists was very helpful, but some of the information is outdated, so please inform me if I’m wrong, missing information, or if you have more to add. I’d love to share it here. For a more current list, you’ll want to refer to the Allergy Friendly Food book published by the RPAH

For a gluten-free, soy free, dairy free, egg free, low salicylate, low amine diet, here’s what I came up with (due to her serious reactions to allergens, all salicylates and amines listed were pulled only from the low or very low columns):

Peas, beans, green beans, celery, cabbage, lentil / dried beans, shallot, peeled pear, cashew, garlic, parsley, chives, saffron, rice milk, gin, whiskey, vodka, bamboo, lettuce, white peeled potato, bean sprouts (mung bean), leeks, chickpeas, canola oil, safflower oil, maple syrup, salt, rice, all non-processed meats if fresh and not organ meat, all baking supplies such as baking soda except cornmeal, white sugar, poppy seed.

Moderate Sals: asparagus, peeled golden- or red-delicious apple
High Sals: other apple varieties

To get a book that has a chart of many ingredients for amines, salicylates, and glutamates, you need this book:

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