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Amine Allergy? What are the Symptoms?

Symptoms of an amine allergy or amine intolerance usually depend on the amount of amine you eat – you are likely to tolerate smaller amounts than larger amounts — and occur when the enzymes responsible for breaking down histamine are saturated, or used up.   The most common symptoms experienced by those sensitive to amines are recurrent eczema and hives, headaches or migraines, sinus trouble, mouth ulcers, fatigue (frequently feeling rundown and tired for no apparent reason), nausea, stomach pains, joint pain that is undiagnosed and digestive issues.  Children can become irritable, restless and exhibit symptoms related to ADHD.  Breast fed babies can exhibit colic, diaper rash, loose stools, eczema through the milk if the mother is taking in excessive amounts of amines.

If you know that you have reactions to wines, aged cheeses or chocolate, there’s a good chance you may be reacting to other foods high in amines.  Take them out of your diet completely for a few weeks and see how you feel.  If you do have sensitivity to amines, you’ll want to limit the amount you eat every day, and determine what your own personal tolerance is to these highly reactive chemicals.

Heidi Turner, MS, RD, CD
FoodLogic, PLLC
@ The Seattle Arthritis Clinic
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Seattle, WA 98133

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