Amine Intolerance, Tyramines, and Histamines

So for the last year, I have been working off a list that I got from my nutritionist of low/medium/high-amine foods. I also supplemented this with two books that I had purchased on the topic.

That said, I have delved into yet another book, which has given me even more information. This is awesome, but also sad. It means a few things:

1) Some of my amine recipes inaccurately list low/high amines. The amines missed are primarily Tyramines.

2) I will have to go back and rework many of my recipes to make them user-friendly again.

3) I will have to pull some recipes down, if unable to find substitutions.

4) The low-amine grocery shopping list has been updated to reflect new findings – I’m afraid some of my favorite ingredients are now off-limits (super, super sadsauce).

What I would like to know is how many of you suffer from a Tyramine allergy, Histamine allergy, or both. I do not yet know what direction I am going to take my blog to support these new amine findings. I could keep the old recipes up but list all Tyramine and Histamine levels, or just pull the old ones down that are no longer applicable to a general amine allergy.

What would you like to see happen? I would love your input, as this blog is as much a tool for myself as it is for you,  my readers.

Best to You,

Michelle Ferris

Low Amine Recipes Chef

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