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My Story 2: Diagnosis, Amines

Diagnosis: Amines

Heidi Turner is a nutritionist, and one that probably saved my life. With my problems growing exponentially worse over the last few years, it was not so hard to imagine that without her guidance and care, I would have been in a wheelchair soon. After our initial consultation, Heidi ran me through a highly specialized Amine Elimination Diet that was designed to help me prove what she already suspected. I had a problem with amines. A very, very big problem with amines.

After about four months of testing, we had solidly confirmed what foods were problematic (whether intolerant, allergic, or part of the amine food group that was breaking my joints). After ten years of doctors, pains, prescriptions, appointments…

Four months. Four months invested. The rest of my life gained. I cannot say enough kind words about Erin O’Rourke, Dr. Peterson, and Heidi Turner. They have absolutely pivoted my life on its head. I am ever grateful.

It hasn’t been easy since I learned what an amine was, and why amines were bad for me. I’m still not 100% sure why. I just know that amines break me.

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