Tangy Cilantro Dressing and Marinade

I wanted to make Cajun Spiced Beef Skewers, so needed a sauce. I’ve adapted a recipe for a Tangy Cilantro Dressing & Marinade from The Daily Dietribe to be low-amine. I used the sauce drizzled over the top of the skewers once served, and saved the rest as a salad dressing.

1/2 C packed cilantro, stems and all1/2 tsp sugar1/3 C fresh lime juice (2 limes)1/4 C apple juice3/4 tsp ascorbic acid4 large garlic cloves1/2 tsp salt1 C safflower oilCilantro Dressing & Marinade photo

Cilantro Dressing & Marinade

  • Blend cilantro, garlic, sugar, and lime juice in a food processor until well-processed.
  • Add all other ingredients and blend.
  • Serve with a dish, as a dressing, use as a low-amine marinade, or save in a bottle for later in the fridge.

AMINE BREAKDOWN:Very Low Amine: cilantro, lime, ascorbic acid, apple juice, garlic, saltLow Amine: sugar, safflower oil

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