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We All Have Allergies: How to Cook and Eat with Allergic Friends

My friends and I all have such ridiculous food problems, food allergies, and food intolerances that you’d think we should have all perished by now. Some of us are just picky eaters. Some of us react badly to chicken or meat. I have an amine intolerance / amine allergy. One of my friends has Crohn’s. Some are gluten-free. One of my lucky friends is gluten-free and also has a bad soy allergy. Yet another is on an almost entirely carnivorous diet.

So if we all want to get together and cook… HOW do we make that work, without spending hours on a conference call together? With Excel, that’s how.

I built a spreadsheet that lists out many ingredients, as well the names of my friends who I eat the most with. By reading across the ingredient lines, we can see that if an ingredient is listed all the way across, it can be used in the dish that is being prepared.

For this list, anything on the Low Amine Grocery List that is in the high or very high column will not be listed as a useable ingredient. Low Amine and Very Low Amine will be listed, and the Moderate Amine column will be listed as a “sometimes” ingredient.

A key to help you build your spreadsheet:


  • (No Listing) = Should NOT be ingested.
  • Italics = Can be eaten infrequently, in small quantities, or; Not a big fan of this food
  • Bold = LOVE to eat this!
  • Bold Italics = LOVE to eat this, but can do so only rarely.
  • (CK) = Can only eat if thoroughly cooked.

Please feel free to download this free tool to help you in your quest to eat well – even with an amine allergy AND friends with other food allergies.—–> DOWNLOADABLE FREE AMINE ALLERGY TOOL: <—-****How To Cook and Eat with Allergic Friends****To download the spreadsheet onto your own computer for editing, open the document, save it onto your computer, and open/save the document that’s on your computer.How to download the amine allergy tool from google docs

How to download the “amine allergy tool” from google docs

Good luck, and happy eating!Published on September 15, 2011 at 10:37 am  Comments (4)  

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