I Love Spicy Everything

So I’ve been trying to figure out what to do… I love spicy food. I love hot sauces, Sriracha, cayenne, Habanero, spicy wing sauce, spicy pho, spicy Thai, spicy spicy spicy everything. If it’s not at least 5 stars, it’s not hot enough. But… eating it is dangerous.

Things I know:

  • Peppers are high in amines, and amines break my knees.
  • Hot peppers have Capsaicin, and capsaicin helps reduce inflammation, which is good for my knees (also, it is absolutely delicious and tastes like burning).
  • Dried peppers are even higher in amines because they’ve been dried.
  • Dried peppers that are then reconstituted and used in a hot sauce are even higher in amines than dried peppers.
  • Peppers used in a hot sauce that uses sugar and vinegar as main ingredients are veritable amine landmines!
  • I cannot survive without spicy food.

How to fix this? I will not be giving up my peppers any time soon. It’s just not happening. I will deal with the consequences if I must. But it would be nice to reduce my amine intake. However, fresh peppers don’t keep in the fridge terribly well, and dried peppers/chilies are higher in amines than fresh ones.But frozen chilies keep perfectly fine (so long as you’re not worried about a crisp, fresh-pepper texture)!

When I go home tonight, I’m solving one of my problems. I’m going to the store. I’m going to pick up some Habanero, Thai chilies, and as many other hot peppers as I can (jalapeno just doesn’t cut it anymore – plus, I’m going for higher Scovilles and lower quantities of amines). I’m going to mince them and spread them out on a sheet of wax paper on a plate, and set them in the freezer. Once frozen, I will sort them into happy little spicy Ziplock bags, label them, and pull them out with every meal (Yes, every meal. I would probably put it on ice cream or cereal if you gave me the chance).

As a spicy food lover with an amine allergy, it’s not a perfect solution. But it’s a lot better than anything else I’ve come up with so far.

Do you have a more elegant solution? Spread the low-amine spicy flavors love and tell me about it!

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